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breads and roses - a swiss treat

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breads and roses - a swiss treat

I took a break while on a businesstrip to Berne, Switzerland, and found a breadmarket! I was sort of a promotion, all different booths. It was a promotion activity of Looks like the Swiss bakers community. Just a few impressions:

Roses decoration, looks nice! Pictures quality is from my phone...

Lots of figures. I guess you can eat this as well, but kind of hard to take along to work...

Steinhauer brot, Macenbread? looks from a realy fire based oven.

Cow bread?

I took a few more pictures. Will post them on request. What a shame I could not take anything along home...and what a great break from work.




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oh wow! How on earth did they manage to make bread roses? Those are so neat!

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my colleague from work actually bought this bread. His comment 'it just tasted great'. I can't imagine having this bread every day, it looks more like a sunday bread to me. Cheers, Jw.

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These are great looking bakes...thanks for shareing!

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leave it to the Swiss to come up with such fine and delicate art.  surprised they didn't add a watch in there.  (joke).

thanks for sharing.