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Change of Pace: A Giant Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie

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Change of Pace: A Giant Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie

Well, I had a birthday party to go to (pool-side at my Brother-In-Law's house) and I wanted to do something a little different than the standard birthday I decided to make a giant chocolate chip sandwich cookie. It's about 12 inches in diameter and contains about a pound each of semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. At the end of the mix, I fold in about 4 ounces of walnuts. The cream filling consists of powdered sugar, egg white, shortening, and vanilla. The cookie dough is from a recipe you can find on any Toll-House chocolate chip bag. Its baked a little on the soft side so it slices like a cake. This one didn't last long after this photo was was devoured in short order!

Giant Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie


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That tollhouse cookie recipe is still the best, in my book. Of course, my wife does add granola, almond butter and uses brown sugar in the dough. 



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Stephanie Brim

Oats and brown sugar for me, though. Never tried granola or almond butter. Sounds really tasty.

I have made it with peanut butter added before and that was quite tasty. I may have to get some almonds and put the food processor to work.

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mary t


 I certainly hope with all you great  bakers out there that  someone can help me.  I made a double batch cinnamon rolls and let it rise twice, and after I punched it down the 2nd time I let it rest before rolling it out.  I cut the dough in 4 pieces and the first two rolled out beautifully, but when I got to the 3 rd and 4th everytime I rolled it out it kept springing back.  consequently these rolls were thicker than i would have liked. What shoud I have done diferently to keep this from happening? Thanks Mary

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Hi Mary,

I don't have an answer to your question, but you'll get better results if you start your own thread.


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mary t

Thank you Paul, but I have no idea what a thread is

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On the left hand side of the page find "Create content" . There you can post your question with a title and people can respond to you under recent posts. This way you keep the thread or topic specifically to your question.



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mary t

Thank you Betty,  I'm so ignorant of these web sites I thought a thread had something to do with my dough.  Mary T

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What a great treat for a hot summer day. I used my homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies (I won't use anything but) and alternated between vanilla and chocolate ice cream. They were fantastic! My husband and son just couldn't get enough.
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