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A New Baking Challenge

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A New Baking Challenge

Ten Teachers, Ten loaves, Ten days.

I am going to give all of the teachers who have impacted me each a handmade loaf of bread. I need to find recipes for visually appealing, distinct loaves so that I can express my appreciation, and of course so that I have an excuse to try new recipes!

If any one has any suggestions, Id love to try them. I also plan on using some of the recipes on this site and in the BBA. And of course, as my graduation present was a new camera, I'll share all of my experiments.

Happy Baking.

EDIT - Also, what type of kitchen scale would people recommend getting. There is such a wide range that i'm not sure which is the right one.



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This is very impressive, for a teacher whose their student where giving something in return though our teachers weren't saying anything to do these things. Why don't you try the Great Lake Pizza for them? Keep it up, i know you can do it.