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Bread Making in Singapore

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Bread Making in Singapore

Hi, there!

I've been watching all this great content about bread making and have long wanted to participate in the discussions. I have been interested in baking bread for a long time and had taken some commercial bread making classes back in the Philippines, as well as some personal lessons from my old aunt who is a nun. It has best remained as a hobby for me till I got to Singapore where I wet my feet again. The Fresh Loaf site is quite inspiring and I have shared your site with some of my officemates. And yes, they get surprised that a guy like me is into baking.

Artisan flours are a bit hard to come by here except for some Gold Medal and Bob's Red Mill varieties and an occasional Waitrose strong bread flour from Down Under. The locally-milled flours do not perform as well specially with the extremely hot weather here.  

I've been trying out recipes from Reinhart, Bertinet and Berenbaum. Here are a few of my recent attempts - Bertinet's Guinness Loaf (w/o the Aniseed), Berenbaum's Flaxseed and White Sandwich Bread. I hope you enjoy these photos.


Guinness LoafFlaxseed LoafSoft White Sandwhich Loaf


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Very nice looking bread! Hope to see more of your efforts. Welcome.


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Thanks for sharing your pictures.  Nice work!


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Yes, very nice looking breads! The Guinness loaf looks esp. appealing.


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Lovely loaves and photos!


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Thank you for all your comments. I hope to learn a lot more from the discussions here. Let us say that I am just beginning to learn and am walking in the shadows of the Bread Gods and Giants of Fresh loaf!  

Pamela, I quite agree with you on the Guinness loaf. Up till now I always thought Guinness came in a pint glass. Cheers!

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I always enjoy seeing beautiful loaves like these.  Thank you for sharing!

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How come when i bake a loaf bread, the outer part of it is hard but the inside part is soft. I followed the instructions well, but it just goes on like that. What thing did i do wrong? is it in the ingredients?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Happy to find a fellow Singaporean on this post! :)

What can I get Gold Medal Bread Flour in Singapore? I am new in baking, and have just started on No knead Artisan bread by Jim Lahey.  I have found our local flour taste "funny" too, and would like to try Gold Medal Bread flour.

Have you tried no knead artisan bread?