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Fun with My Kamado

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Fun with My Kamado

I heated my Kamado to 700ºF.  I used the temperature gauge on the Kamado to get an idea of inside temperature.  I placed one stone under my main grill to create an indirect baking oven.  Next I placed my rectangular baking stone on my main grill where I would do my pizza baking.  I used an infrared temperature thermometer to make measurements of the stone temperature.  The pizza dough recipe came from the King Arthur Flour website.

Picture of the bake follow.

Temperature of the Baking Stone Temperature inside the Kamado

Pizza on Peel Ready for Baking in The Kamado


Pizza inside Kamado Baking


Pizza after Baking 7 Minutes at 600ºF


I as always welcome comments and suggestions.




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Your Kamato oven is really something!  Have you ever tried your veggies on top of the cheese?  Your veggies what I can see look very tasty! 


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That's some serious heat you've got going on there.


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I had San Marzano tomatoes and lots of Basil and cheese on the pizza.  I had sausage for the pizza but completely forgot it.  The local Sprouts store sells Italian Sausage by the link.  I bought 2 links.


I made enough pizza dough for 8 pizzas so I have 6 left.  We are planning for making pizza for a crowd soon so I may use the sausage then if not sooner.