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Cute boules

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Cute boules

Beautiful spring weather in Oregon this year so I've been spending a lot of time outside and away from the oven. I did bake some delicious sourdough boules yesterday though.

In other news, the local berry stand down the block opened today. 

I'm looking forward to being able to pick up cheap flats of damaged jam berries soon and making Strawberry Freezer Jam, probably my favorite thing to put on fresh bread.


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Anybody you know, Floyd?

Nice breads, too. And I'm with you all the way on strawberry freezer jam. I made mine a month ago, but we're a bit South of you and have an earlier season. The early peaches and nectarines are in our farmers' markets, along with the early plums.

Happy jamming!


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Tis my little girl, who is 4 1/2 now.

We've been nibbling on California strawberries for a while now, but to ship them up here they pick them so early and so firm that they have a consistency more like apples than strawberries.  It isn't until the local ones are available (particularly the Hoods) that we can really scratch the strawberry itch.

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The bread looks great ! My husband made 6 loaves today. Can I see a crumb pic? His were so similar to yours on the outside that I am wondering how the crumb also compares. Do you have a jam recipe to share? I haven't tried the freezer jam. That pic of the fruit stand is fabulous. c

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I'm afraid we ate them and gave them away before I got crumb photos.

I think the freezer jam recipe I use just comes on the pectin box.  It is just berries, sugar, some lemon juice, water, and low-sugar no-cook pectin.  It makes delicious jam that tastes like spring any time of the year.

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Thanks for sharing your daughter with us Floyd. She is growing up beautifully. The bread's pretty nice too!


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Darling girl, bright berries, and delicious looking bread!  BTW- blueberries also make great fridge jam. 


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Floyd, those loaves you made look great!


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on the pakg. c

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Those are beautiful boules.  Since I started coming to this site 6 months ago, I have made some wonderful bread.  None, however, have had a crust that looks so crackly and yummy. Can you share your recipe?  Did you bake them covered, or just wtih steam?


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I'm lazy about measuring so recipe varies each time, but this time it was roughly:

800g bread flour
150g whole wheat flour
50g rye flour
20g salt
650g water
250ish grams ripe starter (I didn't measure it, I just used what I happened to have on hand)

Combine, fold 3 or 4 times over 6-8 hours, divide and shape, let rise about 90 minutes, then bake on a heated stone in a 465 degree oven for 20 minutes.  For steam I pour a cup of water into a cast iron pan at the very beginning.  Turn the oven off after 20 minutes and leave them in the oven another 15 minutes or so, then remove.

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do you name your bread (types)? Boule du Floyd?
Cheers, Jw.

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Those boules are absolutely gorgeous! They belong in a baker's textbook. And I bet they didn't taste half-bad at all. ;-)


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Floyd, what's the max temp on your oven? Just curious. I'm wondering how good my oven has to be to replicate that. Gorgeous!

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Nancy Baggett

There may be one thing better than strawberry freezer jam on bread--strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam. I put a pic and the recipe on my website in case you want to try it. I think I have to go make some now...

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Adorable little strawberry girl...!  I bet she loved that boule with jam! We've gone through a few jars already!