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Link to Neat Scraper Blade for Kitchenaid Mixers

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Link to Neat Scraper Blade for Kitchenaid Mixers

For those that are tired of stopping your Kitchenaid mixer every few seconds to scrape the side of the bowl

check my latest entry on the Forum Topic labeled Stuck on Italian.  This really works.  All I do is spray the new

blade with oil, add my ingredients then mix until I need the dough hook which I also spray.



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I have one that I got at and I love it. It cost about $25.

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I'm looking for a high gluten bread flour milled from hard white spring wheat. I've discovered that most of it goes into stone ground whole wheat that they sell to KIng Arthur and Panera Bread. So far I have been unable to locate a source for the flour. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm working on a article to compare the white high gluten flour with All Trumps which is a high gluten flour milled from red wheat.


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Though the shipping can be high, if you watch King Arthur Flour's website, they sometimes have free shipping. You can get notifications if you sign up for them.

I absolutely love their White Whole Wheat. I made a curried chicken pot pie the other night and realized I had no AP flour on hand - everything I have is now specifically meant for bread. With a shrug, I decided on the mildest-flavored, lowest-gluten flour that I had on hand, my KAF White Whole Wheat.

As you can see, it turned out golden brown and incredibly flakey. I don't think I've ever made such a delicate crust before. KAF doesn't have that 'bitter' taste that many wheat flours have. I'm a convert. I don't care how high the cost goes, when it comes to my whole wheat flour, I'm going KAF all the way unless someone can send me a free sample of something better to convince me. (And hey, I'll share my shipping info with anyone who's willing!) I'm very lucky in that my local grocery has reduced the price of KAF to $3.09 for a 5 pound bag of either the bread or the white wheat.

Actually... now that I'm looking at this, I'm a wee bit confused. They're listing the white wheat at 13.2% protein, and their unbleached bread flour at 12.7%, while their "high gluten" is 14.2%. Hrm. Maybe I didn't need that vital wheat gluten in my bagels after all!