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Boule and stirring spoon

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Boule and stirring spoon

This is a loaf of Susan's sourdough that I was sure was way overproofed. In fact it surprised me and produced a lovely set of ears. Note the stainless steel stirring spoon, perfect for whipping up my starter. Susan is going to enter the picture! A




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Thank you all for the kind words - David, Mini, Sylvia, Eric and Pamela. I felt I had to mark my two year anniversary of being a member of TFL by proving that I do indeed bake bread. Usually the same one, but maybe I will branch out now. I also want to thank MaryinHammondsport and Susan for their valiant efforts to teach me to post pictures. Not their fault I'm an old dog! BTW, that loaf was made with KA bread flour and I'm about to bake one made with Wheat Montana All Purpose, my attempt at a comparison. I'll keep you posted, A.

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Nice photo.


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and a cool spoon!


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Mini Oven

Now if I could only get mine to look like yours and Susan's loaves.  I had a loaf retarding in my car last night (12°c).  I think one secret is getting the oven hot hot hot in the first 15 min.   It's a good thing it's cool here today.   I'm going to blast that sucker!  

Again congratulations!  I know you've been working hard. 


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Annie, that is beautiful! You seem to have gotten a perfect rise and color. I know Susan makes it look sooo easy, but getting everything perfect isn't that easy. Thanks for sharing.


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Very attractive boule, Annie. The scoring is really nice. Great job!


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Wish you were up the road so I could help you (maybe) with posting photos. Anyway, your loaf is gorgeous. I love the blisters.



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Not only on your lovely bread, but your TFL anniversary!

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Thank you Lindy - who would have thought reading about No Knead Bread would have started this obsession? Have to say it has been a wonderful two years with so many friendly helpful people, and a big thank you to Floyd for providing such a happy place for we addicts to get together, A.

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I never doubted for a minute that you weren't really baking lovely loaves!


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Thanks Betty, but I could have been faking it all this time! Now if I could only post my own pictures - and branch out to some different breads, A.

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wow, this is pretty! I too, have been working with some of susan's formulas and have been doing the sourdough thing only for about a month now...what an interesting journey!  absaloutely beautiful shaping on this baby! and slashing could definitely use some help..i've went thru the tutorials but i still seem to be missing something..i also tend to overproof i think :S      O well...maybe someday...

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Breitbaker, thanks for the kind words, but this is almost the only bread I make and you know what they say about practice... I'm in a rut with the slashing too, just use an old veggie knife from the grocery store and cut an X. Today I went a bit deep and have an ear I could use as a handle. If I can chime in on Susan's comments about time to warm up to room temp, mine varies a great deal. One loaf had risen a lot in the fridge and was more than ready to bake in an hour, but usually I allow 2 1/2 hours. My fridge is at 40* and my kitchen doesn't get very warm up here in the NW. I have to say the crumb of the well risen loaf was much fluffier than I like. I guess it's the suspense that keeps us baking, but isn't it fun? A.