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May I brag, just a little?

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May I brag, just a little?

Just in from a family dinner at a very nice bistro in town, our all time favorite. When the waiter brought the obligatory basket of bread the grandgirls fell on it like gannets as though they hadn't eaten in days. Imagine my delight when they announced, quite without prompting, that the bread wasn't as good as Nan's. Made my day! A.


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Way to go Nan!! You can brag BIG TIME!! That is awesome.



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They're not babes in the woods!  Kids never lie.  :)  You go, girl!


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I now pronounce you our Queen for the Day!!!

Susan from San Diego

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Smart kids!



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Betty, Karen, Susan and Eric, guess the girls' comments made up for all of my son's eye rolling, although he seems to be doing a good job of promoting my bread lately. Telling people I'll make them a loaf or teach them to make bread. Could be worse, the more bakers the better, right? A.

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Can any one out there enlighten me on the process of uploading photos. I don't seem to have figured it out yet. Thanks.


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Here's how I insert images to TFL, using the webspace available on TFL.

First, when you're replying or creating a new post, click the button with a tree on it.

This dialogue box should pop up.

Click the icon with the red dot things on it. Then you should see this:

Click "Upload" to transfer a picture from your computer to TFL. I'm assuming that you've resized it to a nice size for the web. An area should drop down below the Upload you just clicked:

Click browse to find the file you want to upload, then Upload to send it to TFL.

Now your file is sitting happily at TFL, click it in the file manager (1), you can see a preview of what it looks like (2), if you're happy, click "Send to editor".

And the picture should appear in your Comment box!


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Spontaneous comments from kids -  they tell it like it is! 


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Just Loafin

>May I brag, just a little?


The process is this:

Find this site -> learn -> fail -> learn more -> fail more -> learn enough -> success -> BRAG!

- Keith

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Hi Everyone. This is my first attempt at uploading a photo. It's my latest effort with a mulit-grain flour I recieved from Con-Agra. It Worked. Thanks JJ.