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Bob's Red Mill (Bulk Purchase)

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Steve H

Bob's Red Mill (Bulk Purchase)

I'm thinking about bulk purchasing some flour from Bob's Red Mill.  Specifically, 25# of White Flour, Spelt Flour, and some odds and ends like Teff, Buckwheat, etc, in smaller quantities.

This means I'd probably be freezing a bunch of it and was wondering what experience anyone had with freezing flour for 6 months or so.  Any problems with doing this?

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I've frozen WW pastry flour (local stuff that I know is pretty fresh) for two years in my (really really cold) chest freezer. It started to get a little funky at some point after that, but I got a solid two out of it. I've never kept any other flour around longer than six months, so I can't help you there. Oat flour, however, doesn't keep well for me. And I ground that myself, so I KNOW it was fresh. I give that a limit of 2-3 months. You may find different, but that's just my experience.