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KA Organic All Purpose

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KA Organic All Purpose

Have any of you noticed any big differences when baking with the Organic AP vs. the conventional? Hubby got the Organic AP instead of conventional bread flour on his last grocery expedition (I usually just tell him what color the bag is). I know it won't replace bread flour, but does it behave the same as regular KA All Purpose?

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According to their site the protein difference is .4% so I would nto expect this to act any different.  Use it as you would regular AP flour.

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As I understand it, the organic KA flour doesn't have malt in it, so it doesn't brown as beautifully as the regular KA flour. I found that to be true, but I haven't done a side-by-side baking test.

I added a little barley malt syrup to improve the coloring, but my experience is purely anecdotal.

You can always call the KA Helpline and see what they say...

Good luck, and if you find out anything, please report back!