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Flavored Tortillas/Wraps

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Flavored Tortillas/Wraps

I hate buying tortillas.  And I have found a recipe that I really like for flour tortillas.  I got it on here.  Someone posted it from I think Epicurious.  Anyway, I really like wrap sandwiches on the flavored wraps.  Has anyone made tortillas with flavoring?  I take it you would do the same thing you do to flavor pasta.  But how much herbs, or spinach, or tomato paste or whatever would you add?  Any ideas?

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The amount of added ingredients you'd add for flavor will deplend, to a large extent, on your personal preferences.  To get a rough idea, take a plain tortilla and heat it with a bit of butter, then sprinkle on a measured amount of herbs throughout and have a taste.  You'll soon get the feel for what you want.  I prefer using herbs, spices and other flavorings to provide background flavor rather than allowing it to become the dominant flavor.  But others sometimes prefer a stonger herbal influence in the flavor.  It will also depend on whether you're using fresh herbs or dried.  Dried herbs tend to be stronger in flavor than fresh (I prefer fresh  -  easier to control and provides a nicer appearance in the final product) so the amounts used can vary quite a lot.  Flour tortillas flavored with freshly ground pepper and used with a fresh dip are wonderful.

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Would you mind sharing the link to the tortilla recipe you like.  I've never made them, but want to try and a tested recipe would help.


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Here is the direct link to the recipe.  Someone did a write up on them here and that was where I got them from.  I have made mant different types and we like these best.

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My sister gave me a very similar recipe which we use ALL the time. These store surprisingly well in the fridge, due to the high oil content. I use extra virgin olive oil in place of canola, and a big dollop of tomato paste (about 2 tablespoons worth) along with a handful of chopped fresh basil, oregano, or rosemary.  If we have no fresh herbs on hand I use about 1 tablespoon of dried mixed herbs. Makes fantastic sandwich wraps, and great for dips and dipping in soup too!

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Anyone here have a good tasting spinach tortilla recipe that they have sucessfully made more than once??..

Thanks, Bruce