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Differences in brotforms?

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Differences in brotforms?

I'm looking at four different sources for brotforms: SFBI,, King Arthur Flour and The prices range WILDLY from $16.25-$32 for an 1-pound oval brotform! What could account for the differences? I've gotten the impression that King Arthur just overcharges for everything on its website based upon my experience with their flour. On their website it's $4.95 while I can buy it at my local grocery for $3.09 on sale and $3.29 regularly. Amazon leans towards the higher end, but at least they offer free shipping, and that might pay off by time I get everything I'd like as Breadtopia's shipping seems to be based on price-point and I was going to get several things. King Arthur Flour is offering up to 30% off until Monday, but then there's still that whole shipping cost thing.

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I found that the most expensive are the cane brotforms made in Germany and are the best performers.  You get what you pay for is my experience.


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FANTES.COM offers a huge selection of brotforms, too.

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This site has a Mothers Day special with great prices

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I've looked at the pictures more closely, and from what I can tell, the difference that I can see between these and the brotforms at is that the more expensive ones at Fantes look to be made with one long coil, while these you can see a seam where they've used shorter coils and pieced them together. I think I'll be OK with these. I'd like to get 2 oval and 2 round, so I really just can't afford the prices over at Fantes as they run nearly $10 more per brotform.

I'm not sure what size round brotform to buy though. I mostly work with loaves from Reinhart's books, loaves that are around 1-2 pounds. They offer 8, 9 and 10.5 inch rounds. For some reason the 8 inch round isn't on sale and ends up being more expensive than the 9" round. I can't really imagine wanting to do loaves that small anyway, but I'm debating between the 9 and 10.5 inch rounds. There's a $6 between the 9 and 10.5 inch sizes, so I'm trying to decide if I really need them that big, or if they're meant more for the Poilane-style miche?

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I know I want the 8in round, since I often make smaller loaves fit for two people, but what size of the larger two do I need? I also make loaves with 400-500g of flour, which feeds our entire four-person brood. Will the 9in do, or should I go up in size just to be safe? An estimate of max loaf size for each would be nice, if anyone has any idea.

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Either the 8 or 9 inch are good for 1 pound (3+C flour) loaves. 

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They do have splices because they are made from more than a single piece of cane.  But that doesn't seem to make much difference in the final product, IMHO.  

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I've just ordered one from  It measures 8 3/4 and is for a 1 1/2 lb load (680grams) which is the size I like to make.

It looks to be a good quality and shipping to Canada was under $5. I did want an oval one as well but, oddly enough, adding the second item to my cart more than doubled the shipping. So I will see how I like the round one and order the oval later on.


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I got mine from Breadtopia several months ago (along with my La Cloche and many other items) the quality is great, the prices very reasonable and they have excellent customer service!  No, I don't work for them, I just think that when a company offers good prices and good service, they deserve word of mouth praise.  Breadtopia is always my first stop when looking for baking toys!

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Too bad I missed mother's day sale. I ordered couple brotforms from them a while ago. The quality was great, as heavy and well made as more expensive ones. Just bought couple new sizes (10.5 inch round and 10.5 inch oval) anyway, consider the quality and service, even their regular price is a great deal, IMHO.

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I ordered mine from

The shipping was very fast. I made rye bread to sell at our farmers market and they were a big hit. I am really hooked on them now!