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Happy Sham Elnessim & happy easter for all !!!

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chahira daoud

Happy Sham Elnessim & happy easter for all !!!

I am a little bit late but it became my habit now !! Hahaha

We celebrate sham el nessim the day after coptic easter. I would like you to read about it more in my blog here

This time I made some new shapes in sweet bread

, I sold some sweet buns


On my blog there is some pics for this occasion food like salted sardines and of course what I baked for this occasion .

Happy easter for all of you and happy sham elnessim too .



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that's what I call a labor of love.  The pink eggs add a dramatic effect!

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Lovely Breads, chahira, I especially like your braiding, beautifully to share the technique for braiding the lovely round loaf at the top of your photos?

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  They are so CUTE! I hope you and your family had a wonderful feast!