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King Arthur Free Shipping

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King Arthur Free Shipping

Received an email announcement today that King Arthur is offering free shipping on all orders over $80, and $3 shipping for orders over $60. This offer expires on April 23rd.


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I just placed an order.  Looks like the free shipping deal is off, but the $3.00 deal is on until the 30th.


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Good morning, I'm vry new to sourdough and have only made 4 loaves of bread and some pizza dough which was great. I have always wanted to make bagels and now I want to try this recipe I found on here called "Sourdough Bagels Revisited" which calls for some "malt syrup". I am totally unfamilar with this ingredient and where to buy it. Can someone tell me exactly what I need to buy if there is any difference in how it's made or what it's made from. ( which is the best for bagels) I'm thinking "malt" means barley, but i'm just not informed enough to be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Deonia

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Malt syrup is made from barley. You can buy it wherever you buy brewing supplies or you can order it from King Arthur Flour. I think some groceries may sell it as well. I'm not sure if it's the same 'malt syrup' as is put into a malted ice cream shake?