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New (to me) flour

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New (to me) flour

I know that it isn't a good idea to change more than one thing at a time, but hey, the sun is shining and I feel daring! I stood in front of the Bob's Red Mill display yesterday and for the first time noticed a 5# bag of unbleached white flour which is "Superb for bread making by hand or machine". Also supposed to be high protein. So I took back my usual KA bread flour and bought the BRM - after all it was only $3.79 as opposed to $5.  As I was mixing the water and starter for Susan's Famous Sourdough this morning I had an idea to sub in a little of the cheap beer I used last week for the Almost No Knead bread. Plus a small amount of rye, so I guess that was three changes. The dough seems fine and just has one more stretch and fold to go before proofing. I have tomato seedlings sitting on top of the propane stove, my usual proofing place, so it could be slow going. Has anyone had good or bad results with this flour that they would like to share? Hoping I won't regret penny pinching, A.


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I use Bob's Red Mill Unbleached all purpose flour about half of the time I bake and KAF the rest of the time. Whatever is cheapest at the time. Both are excellent. I've been lucky lately and have been buying BRM for $2.78 for 5#. BRM is based much closer to you then to me so that's odd.


I think you'll find both flours work the same. Let us know what you think. And what you think of the added rye and beer.


Good to see you here :o)

Where are the photos??