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Plugra & Sterlite Containers

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Plugra & Sterlite Containers

Our local SuperTarget had Plugra on sale for $1.59/brick - just over $1 off the regular price, and only a few pennies more than a box of the store-brand butter. I'm thinking of either making my cinnamon rolls again, or giving croissants a go, so bought 2 bricks.

They also had a 20qt tall, narrow container that fits -perfectly- underneath my countertop without interference from the half-shelf in the lower cabinets. We took it over to the baking goods aisle and were able to stack 4 5-pound packages of King Arthur Flour into it with 2-3 inches clearance above the packages that suggests that they should hold a 5th bag with no problem. This is a Sterlite container with a rubber gasket-seal in the lid and clip-down lock handles. They were $7.