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The World Wide Blogger Bake Off

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The World Wide Blogger Bake Off

This is very cool: a UK-based charity is trying to organize a worldwide bake off to raise awareness of poverty in Africa.  Bake bread, give it to your friends and blog about it, then ask your friends to make a small donation to charity.

I love this kind of stuff.  As I mentioned in my blog, we just released the new version of the Mercy Corps website.  We are hoping to add better support for these kinds of team fundraising activities on the new platform in the next few months, but kudos to Breadline Africa for putting this together right now.  I intend to help them hit their fundraising target.

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I think this is a great idea and I give bread away all the time. If you can figure out a way for TFLers to engage in such a project, I'll be happy to participate. I'm sure there are others who would be happy to join in too.


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what goes around comes around.  you'll be blessed floydm for giving your time and effort.  hope you reach their target!

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I gave some bread away today and told them it was the last free ride. Will try to claim money for a just course tomorrow... great idea,thanks Floyd.
Cheers, Jw.