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Posting pictures

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Posting pictures

Well, finally, after many frustrating attempts I have managed to post some pictures on Flickr! Just so that you know I really do bake bread. Maybe one day I will figure out how to move the photos over here, but not tonight. Dstroy, you made it sound so simple... Hate to be the only member unable to post, and any help would be gratefully received, A.


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Annie, if you look at the toolbar in the comment box, you'll see a little box with a picture of a tree in it.  That's the icon for adding photos.  You can experiment with it a bit - just copy URL address of your photo stored at Flickr, then paste that info in the "Image URL" line, then click "insert".  You can preview your post to see if it worked.  

The Photo FAQ here offers additional information.

I personally use Photobucket, a free image site which makes it incredibly easy to link them here.  It also allows you to resize the photo.

Good luck!



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Hi Lindy and thanks, but I have tried the tree box many times in my quest. I have the FAQ sheet from mse1152 printed out, you name it, I've tried it. This "old dog" is learning new tricks - but very slowly. Getting to the TFL group on Flickr was an achievement and hopefully I'm not too far from my goal, A.

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I'm a youngun' who barely remembers life before computers and the tree box thing confused even me. You can post a link to your flickr images quite easily. To get the image address of a specific photo just right-click it and you should get an option that says 'Copy Image Address.' Now click on the "tree box' and when it pops up there is a blank box labeled "Image URL." Past that address in the box there and then hit "Insert" at the bottom. The picture will insert into your post wherever you have left your cursor, so make sure you've hit return and are on a fresh line.

You can also upload your pictures here, but there's not really a need if you've put them on Flickr already.


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I can't beleive I finally got this to work, now to figure out how to make the pics smaller. Anyway this is a plain cheese pizza that we pretty much have every week here at home, we like them thin, crispy with a little char on them. mattie

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Eric told me - when you add the picture, click on it and then you can drag in from the corners. You may have to make some adjustments but it works. I had done that on other things but had no idea it was that simple on here. DUH! Try it!


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OK, I tried, but the log told me the picture was too large.  I use HP Photo Printing to upload, view and save my pictures in Word.  Is that so passe?  I haven't learned to use other programs.  Help would be appreciated.