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Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

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Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

Only a few days left until easter and I have been the designated bread baker for my family's easter dinner. My mom loves those "Kings Hawaiian Rolls" ( the ones they are selling like crazy at costco right now ) so I was thinking...hey I want to try and bake rolls like that... does anyone have a recipe that is similar to these rolls?


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Here's a PDF of my Portuguese Sweet Recipe, which of course is like Kings Hawaiian Rolls, only about a million times better.  Because you know, just like the ukulele, the Portuguese introduced it to Hawaii, and now it's officially adopted by locals as their own.


PS If you search on here for 'Portuguese Sweet Bread', you'll see lots of the people on this site have posted their results with this recipe and an alternate of this recipe

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Aloha Mark, I'm new to TFL and one of the first things I looked for was the sweet roll recipe. I saw your post but the link no longer works. I was wondering if you could share again?

Mahalo, Dave

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Thanks! They look great! Exactly what I am looking for!