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Easter baking hijacked!

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Easter baking hijacked!

I had taken a few loaves (my first attempt) Paul's Sweet Vanilla Challah from the oven and was working on my photo's. I went back to get the smaller loaf to re- do the shot and it had been assaulted! My shaping was out of practice on my challah, but the taste is fantastic. 


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It's nice to see when the braids turn out extra pretty but it's the taste that counts, isn't it? And who is that cutie with his finger in the bread?

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year old Quaid.  Like Paul said with his a few weeks ago, the smell is wonderful coming from the oven, and Quaid had been eyeing the oven for the last 10 minutes of baking. So when I took the braided loaf and went out to take the picture, he went to work! The braided loaf was for a friend already, with 2 loaves down, I plan to make more tomorrow. The recipe is well worth your time weavershouse if you can squeeze it in.

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it was good!  Quaid obviously possesses a discerning palate.  Self-control, not so much, maybe.

Lovely boy and lovely bread, Audra.


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 He and his sister ate the whole small loaf after she got home from school.

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They are beautiful Audra. The braid looks perfect to me. I especially like the back lit shot. You have mastered the art.


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I had to run and look at them on the computer a lot before I got it. But at least I got it. I was making all of you who are in the know BLIND for so long! I bet they ( my pictures) were like finger nails on a chalk board to you! The Fresh Loaf has been a wonderful place. You have improved my photo's, my bread's are much better, also,  I have many new friends. What more could any body want?


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Now those are some pretty good photos of some bread looking Challah! See how outside worked for you! My daughter sent me her fancy camera to play with; it arrived yesterday. I can't wait to try it out.


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Learning sure has been fun. Eric has been giving me lessons so that I would not blind ya'll anymore! The manual you emailed me sure has come in handy, that I can magnify the type so that I can read it! I'm going through the " I need reading glasses but am too stubborn to go get them" crisis. Especially being able to see what the icons on the camera are via the manual has been a blessing. THANK YOU! Been following you SD saga. The eggs shot looks YUM!



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I was reading your post the other day but there was not any photos...I see them today...Great photos..everything looks very yummy..what a cutie...thanks for shareing!  Have a very Happy Easter,


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chahira daoud

Happy easter Audra for you and for all the members of your wonderfull family.

Your kids are so cute, and this gentelman knows very well how to preciate good food, specially a wonderfull easter bread like this one you made.

Wonderfull pics Audra, go on !! we need more!!