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last weeks saturday bread and pizza session

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last weeks saturday bread and pizza session

greetings all!


retried the raisin walnut sourdough recipe from my previous post. i am pleased with the results, however, i am still trying to achieve a better scoring and ear curl. i think i was slashing too deep. i will try the suggestions that i recieved from the discussion thread. thanks members of freshloaf!





next up at bat was another susan sourdough attempt. i made a mistake during the shaping phase which caused me to shape again and again and again. in doing so, nice bubblies were let loose. time i will try to shape a better batard. even though the looks lack, the taste was on point. soft in the inside, and a nice exterior crunch. total time of the first and second proof = ~13hrs @ 86 degrees. this was double the recipe btw.




next up was another attempt at baguettes using anis method with sourdough starter. i am still striving for the nice crispy crusty explosive looking baguette. i 'think' it may have something to do with the flour. i am going to give the king authurs artisan flour a shot. supposedly its ~11.6 protein content. also, i forgot to turn down the temperature after placing the baguettes into the oven, i used KA AP which is around 13% protein?





next up is pizza using anis bouabsa mixing method. it is by far my favorite crust i have achieved to date. the only thing i would improve is using a starter for a little sourdough taste.









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The pizza looks great and I'm always on the lookout for new crust recipes. Do you mind sharing yours?  Do you have a special oven?..cause I can never get mine to get that nice and brown, even at 500 degrees.

Thanks :-)

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from the top of my head


all trumps unbromated unbleached high gluten flour

.4% IDY

2% kosher salt

2% olive oil

65% water

baked at 550 degrees for 7 minutes on pizza stone. the dough was cold fermented in fridge for 1 day. i used redpack peeled plum shaped tomatoes and bella gioso mozzerella purchased from sams club. let me know if you have any other questions!

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Your pizza looks great--my favorite type with just sauce, mozzarella, and basil--and the crumb in that bread looks fantastic!