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I had to make pizza !

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I had to make pizza !

xaipete made me do it. The crust was OK., "nothing extry" as we say in Alabama.  It was a wild yeast dough that had been in the freezer for a couple months. It was very nice to work with but didn't rise too much . It did get nice and chewy and since I baked in a 550 oven with a really preheated stone the bottom was nicely browned in places. The topping was what made it so perfect. My sister in law brought me olive salad from NOLA. It is the best and since that was my home long ago I miss it and was so glad to get the gift. Added Itl sausage, sundried tomatoes from Whole Foods in NYC , fresh mozz and parma. YUM !!!

pizza Apr 4 2009


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Hot bread with cheese is always good as long as it's not burnt! --Pamela

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Looks like everyone's in the mood for their favorite pizza's!  Nice pizza!