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bake, we can (progress with sourdough)

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bake, we can (progress with sourdough)

I always like the positive approach. If have been able to progress with sourdough, the starter is really developing nicely. Last week I made my first sourdough from this starter, also somes pain ancienne. You can see that the crumb of the ancienne looks nicer (left), but the sourdough has more taste.


Today I made another sourdough, but used a flour called 'grobbe' to make the final dough. According to the label from the mill it contains: rye, line seed, corn and a few other things I cannot find the translations for. I basically followed the recipe for the Oregon Trail (The Doctor's Sourdough Bread). Happy with the result, the family judgement will be tomorrow at a birthday party!

This bread really asks for a lot of attention, but it is well worth it. Keep on baking!






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Your loaves look great. Did you bake any with a cloche (improvised is fine)? I'm getting a lot more spring with my SDs ever since I've been using my makeshift cloche.


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Thanks, Pam. To reveal a secret: here in the old world we use tware, with a wet linnen on top. I had to look up what a Dutch oven is about (being 1000% Dutch, I thought I should at least know). Why do people use a cloche ? Cheers, Jw
BTW tware stands for tupperware, I usually refer to it as plastic stuff, but my better half keeps correcting me.