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Neapolitan style pizza made with baguette dough

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Neapolitan style pizza made with baguette dough

OK, so I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it works! Baguette dough is one of my favorite pizza doughs because it is easy to handle, has just a hint of sweetness, and bakes up as a sturdy, crisp, and thin platform (no sagging) that works no matter whether the topping be light or heavy. I baked this in the oven on my new stone (I didn't want to risk repeating last Friday's BBQed-beyond-all-recognition pizza). I had planned to top it with some pesto and fresh basil, but the pesto had molded and the basil, shriveled, so I just went with sauce and fresh mozzarella.

Neapolitan style pizza



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Looks good to me.  I'm getting some dough ready for tonight's pizzas right now.

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I found one bag of sourdough crust in the freezer an hour ago . After working in the garden all day planting roses and cleaning the swimming pool my husband and I are primed for PIZZA> Will let you know how it turns out using a dough from several months ago. Toppings will be olive salad from NOLA , sweet Itl sausage  and fresh mozz and parmasan and sundried tomatoes....your pic looks SCRUMPTIOUS !!!  c

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I'm fermenting baguette dough right now, with every intention of making baguettes tomorrow! But I just got back from the Italian deli with salami and canned San Marzano tomatoes. All I would need is some fresh mozzarella. I've got everything else. 


Pizzzzzzzzza ....... <whine>

It sure looks good, Pamela!


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Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments! It was just a plain pizza, but I really do enjoy the baguette crust.


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Hi Pam,

Looks like your new stone is working out great!  Nice yummy looking pizza!