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My General Introduction.

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My General Introduction.

I am brand new here. Just baked my first sourdough last weekend, and then a rye rustic loaf this past weekend. Before that I made pretzels and pitas. Loads of bread for my sisters and I. I go through phases with my baking, and right now making beautiful (healthy) breads is my goal. I am currently suffering from lack of a kitchen scale and even worse, a terribly unsharp knife. When I figure out how to post picture I will get them up. Hopefully in time for my challah attempt this weekend.

Thanks to all for creating this wonderful community.


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Glad to see you and make your aquaintence. You can probably do with out a knife but I would try to find a digital scale if possible. It will help with consistant results. If you are careful in how you scoop the flour and eyeball the water from level you should be able to do fine.

I look forward to seeing your breads.

Welcome aboard,