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Potato Peasant Loaf (Lory's Recipe)

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Potato Peasant Loaf (Lory's Recipe)

I don't know if it's my love for bread baking or my new camera that keeps me in the kitchen, but here's another attempt I just completed tonight.  The recipe is from Lory of Maine whose web site is:  She says people can copy her recipes but she'd appreciate it if they would include a link to her web site.  So my thanks to Lory for sharing.  She's got over a hundred recipes there - goes to show what a dedicated wife and mother and foodie she is.

Since the recipe was for 2 loaves, I decided to make a loaf with one half of the dough and dinner rolls for the second half.  For the loaf, I added shredded cheese and green onions, then I rolled the loaf jelly-style and put it in a pan.  For the dinner rolls, I divided the dough into tiny balls and put three balls in each muffin cup. 

These were what came out of the oven:

loaf and dinner rolls

When the loaf cooled, I sliced it.  Here's what it looked like:

sliced loaf


And here's the final picture - a closer look at the slices:


Here's my question:

Can anyone tell me why that slice has a hole at the top, right below the crust?

Overall, I am happy with the recipe.  I probably shouldn't have spread the shredded cheese and green onions before rolling; maybe it would have been better if I incorporated the cheese and green onions into the mixture during the pre-kneading stage.

I must say though that the cheese and green onions spiked the taste a few notches up.  The loaf definitely had a sharper and more flavorful taste than the rolls.  And Lory did say that potatoes tend to make the bread soft and chewy inside and crisp and crusty on the outside.  I agree.  Those slices were really soft!  I left the potato skins on by the way - so they look like bacon bits but they're not.  A bacon loaf is next on the agenda, though!



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Hi Sharon,

First off, thanks for providing a link back to my site, although that link should have been

Second, that recipe is not my original, as I said in my blogpost. It was from .

Third, I think the reason why you had air pocket was because of the steam created as the cheese cooked within the dough. Maybe using a different cheese like mozarella would have resulted to better outcome since it is sticky? Not sure...Or maybe creating a vent would have prevented the creation of the air pocket under the crust.

You can definitely try incorporating the cheese in the dry ingredients before making the dough, then you can probably just sprinkle the green onions once you have a sheet of dough to roll. That will create a good visual effect. And of course, doing it this way will definitely enhance the taste!

Now I can't wait to try baking this recipe again, this time with cheese and green onions...thanks for the idea!

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I have made the correction.  Sorry about that.