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Pletzel, Focaccia & Savory Ring

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Pletzel, Focaccia & Savory Ring

Oh, I have had fun today.
Early yesterday I mixed a basic white sourdough pre-ferment, but based on a 100% rye starter. Late last night I made the dough (nothing complicated here, any basic white sourdough recipe will do), adding in some olive oil, a bit of honey, a pinch of vital wheat gluten and a pinch of ascorbic acid. After machine kneading and a few stretch and folds of a VERY sticky, high hydration dough, into the fridge it went over night.
My original plan had been to make garlic knots today, but I decided I didn't
want anything that repetitive, but somewhere along the line I did want
the flavors of garlic, some wonderful Thai fried shallots, lots of herbs, cheese and charnushka. I thought I had some za-atar, but I could not locate it...ah well.
So, I made foccacia, a pletzel and a rolled, savory ring. No two alike
in flavoring, but with some overlaps. Go take a look.

Happy baking!