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What type of rye flour do you think I have?

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What type of rye flour do you think I have?

I bought some rye flour at a local organic grocer from their bulk bin and it was just labeled "RYE".It is a very light colored flour which has a few grits in it when you run it between your fingers but is otherwise pretty finely powdered. I thought I'd give it a chance but what type of flavor do you think it will have? I do plan on adding caraway to the loaf.

I will be using the "rye" flour in about a 25% ratio with WW and Kamut and Bread flour and have been reading the suggestions on the site for working with rye flour. I'm developing my own recipe using potatoe,potatoe water and buttermilk. Leavening is sourdough and instant yeast. Plan is to do a single rise to double, handle gently to shape,proof for a short time and bake.

If it turns out as planned, we'll be having Reuben's tomorrow. I am basing this on a non-rye recipe that came out with a great texture for a rye bread.SO I am substituting some rye flour in the recipe  and I hope compensating correctly for rye flour and hope to achieve a similar crumb.


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Since it is an organic store most likely you bought finely ground whole rye flour.