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2009 Culinary Salon. Bread display wins Gold!

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2009 Culinary Salon. Bread display wins Gold!

On Saturday the 7th at 9pm I started mixing my first dough and began my overnight bake to have fresh bread out for my display at the 2009 culinary salon. As the night progressed I created my take on the epi loaf, guinness and barley bread, ciabatta, palmiers, croissant, danish pastries, 5 grain buns, 5 strand challahs and my centre piece. I set up the display around 6 am on sunday after a relaxing night bake. Judging began at 8am and i was allowed back at 1pm. I arrived with much anticipation and found my peice awarded a 1st place standing in my category!. Gold! I took some pictures of my work space at the college for everyone to see. Needless to say i was excited all day about the win.


A couple doughs getting fermented


The Deck oven I use. Its not fancy but gives good heat and I control the steam I add w/ a manual lever


Palmiers Getting rolled out


My take on the Epi





Baguette Crumb



Me and Chef Bucher( my instructor from europe)



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Oh My....rhag! I don't know which looks better...The most gorgeous bread display...Or your adorable smile...what a cutie you are....Congratulations! Congratulations!!  Those are the most beautiful epis I have ever seen!


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What wonderful news!  I'm so glad all your hard work has been rewarded - you have a great future ahead!

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Beautiful looking display.  Thank you for sharing the photos with us.

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Congratulations on a job well done. Everything looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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A beautiful display , evidence of your talent and hard work. c

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Really cool. Congratulations!

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Wow you are quite the baker. Very well done. Glad you shared your life wife with us.


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Totally cool. Congrats. --Pamela

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ya got it!! and you definitely do! Way to go. I love the Epis


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Good looking AND he bakes!

Congratulations-the display was absolutely beautiful.What an accomplishment!

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Thanks everyone for all your comments. I'm just a student right now and there is room for lots of imrovements but this was one of my better bakes forsure. The centre piece was kind of sloppy but I had time contraints and issues with bubbling ( should have added buckwheat ) Darn!. On another note I am on my way to being a married man. Planning the wedding takes up a whole mess of time that I can't be in the bakery, but is well worth it!  I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples work and am always looking for new ideas.

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Fantastic bread display!

Well done!


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Congratulations.  Something precious to look back on for sure.

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Artfully done! Congrats on the Gold.  Nothing so wonderful as having one's work recognized for excellence. 

Now one thing. . . , How did it taste?


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So now you start your training for La Coupe du Monde?  :>)

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What kind of bread is that, the one with the braid around it?

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Taste is always big on my list. Each have there own distinct flavours and textures. One of the jugded categories is taste and the judges carve up a couple loves to taste and judge crumb structure etc. The plaque consists of yeasted decorative dough light and dark. Along with Pate Morte and a mixture of pastry flour, cocoa, water sugar and glucose.(dead dough) for the wheat stalks and bison. Coupe de Monde...maybe in 30 years. I've just scratched the surface. My big plans are to open up a european bakery in the next 5 years. But we wll see how that all works out.

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Debra Wink

Beautiful, rhag. Congratulations!

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Congratulations rhag!!!  The breads are beautiful and so inspiring, indeed.  You are very deserving of that Gold.  As far as I am concerned, the asortment you've prepared for one competition alone could fill a small European bakery already.  You're practically there!!!


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Yihoooo! Way to go! You look too young to be married.

What's your baguette recipe???? ;-)


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I'll 2nd Jane's request!!   Baguette recipe Please! 


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Your breads look beautiful!


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Just saw the date LOL a little late.  and how did you do this year, if you entered ?

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a wonderful bloom on your baguttes! your 'take' epi's, great eye appeal and so uniform. a really beautiful display.

p.s. would it be possible to tag your bread display to identify each?

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Very impressive!  You must be so pleased.  What a beautiful array of breads.  Those epis are my favourite!