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Sweeter Side

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Sweeter Side

This weekend I decided to get in touch with my sweet side. I made cinnamon buns on sat and croissants, chocolate hazelnut danish and an apricot basket ( unglazed in pictures). I used the recipe out of artisan baking by ciril hitz. My assistant was also helping me out with the weekend bake.



Assistant below:





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what I want to nibble on first: the apricot basket or the assistant! The baked goods look finger-licking delicious. You mentioned that you're a vegan on another thread, does that mean that you didn't taste any of these delights?

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What a great weekend bake and your assistant is adorable!  I just love making and eating Danish Pastry.  So I can't make them very often : ( !  It's a real treat to see your photos!  Your pastries are lovely!


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That's Corrrrrrect. I dont much care for the pastries i made them for some friends, i really love the process more so than the eating the product. But the Cinnamon buns I do make vegan so me and my fiance were able to enjoy them!

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sweet indeed. I would have devoured them all so I rarely make the rich sweet pastries. I will just look back at your lovelies when I am tempted. Lucky fiance' ! c

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all look wonderful. Very cute assistant. I'm sure a very big help in the kitchen!