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Home Ovens

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Willard Onellion

Home Ovens

Is there on the market a steam-injection oven for home use?

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I think I recently saw an ad for a Jeannair with steam injection. I've no idea of the cost or performance.
In search of the perfect crust & crumb

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Miele make a 24 inch oven with steam,
it's about $2,000 plus U S.

If you Google it's in there. qahtan

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Visited a local appliance dealer (high end) and saw their steam-assist home oven.  It's dual fuel and has a convection oven. I assume you can turn the convection on and off as you want.  The 30-inch model has four burners and a steam-assisted oven that can be operated manually or automatically. The water is held in a reservoir - no additional water line needed. According to the brochure, this oven features a bread baking system for proofing and baking.  The salesperson couldn't tell me how much steam the unit builds up. It goes for $4,249.


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I have the same Kitchen Aid duel fuel range as the steam-assist model, however it's without the steam. I could kick myself for starting artisan baking just after I bought my range.

I've noticed that the proof setting has a temp of 100F and the bread baking setting only allows you to go up to 430F. So I haven't been able to use either of the bread baking features. I often wonder if those features are the same on the steam-assist models.