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Has anyone ordered the brotforms from

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Stephanie Brim

Has anyone ordered the brotforms from

They have both German- and Slovakian-made cane brotforms and bannetons, both at prices rather less than I've seen most other places.

Just wondering. Not getting a stand mixer opens up about $350 for some other needed bread-related things.

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I brought the cane ones ,they work great


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I bought the plastic ones. I am happy with the product and the vendor.


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The following offer some good prices


San Francisco Baking Institute

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I had 2 brotforms from my husbands bakery and added 6 of these in different sizes. They were the best price at that time and work great.


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So far I found the prices and service at really great.  That's where I got my German brotforms and am very satisfied with their quality.

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That was my experience too. Fast shipping, great quality, and they have almost everything a baker could ever want in terms of pans and stuff that we probably don't really need! Did I mention that I bought a baker's dozen of colored storage containers so I could store all of my stuff more compactly so I could get more stuff ...? Anyway, my system has worked out great; I have all the containers labeled according to their contents (with the labeler I then bought) and when I have to go digging for something in the back of some deep and inaccessible cabinet that requires you get on your knees, I just pull out the appropriate bin.

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