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Wood fired brick oven....soon

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Wood fired brick oven....soon

I have been on a quest for several months now to build a brick oven. I bought Alan Scott's book and also ordered some building CD's from a guy in Australia named Rado. While Alan's book was amazing (I will be re-reading it here soon) I ended up going with Rado's plans for what he calls a Masterly Tail oven. He gives amazingly detailed pictures of each step along with instructions for the mixtures needed. I think in all, I received 1000 photos of him building an MTO. Anyhow, I'm less than a month away (hopefully) from finally being able to bake and thought I would post some pics of the progress so far. It's been fun and a challenge to build. Fireclay was the only ingredient I've had trouble finding locally. I ended up running out yesterday while building the arches or there would be more done at this point. So it goes!


Hearth with wall

One arch


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Dear longlivegoku

Could you please supply me with the contact details for Rado (Masterly Tail oven). Many thanks.





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    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  His website is  You can find all the info on contacting him there as well as much of the instructions that come with the CDs for building the oven.