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Todays Bake! Guinness and Roasted Barley Bread

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Todays Bake! Guinness and Roasted Barley Bread

Todays Bake  included a few baguettes and I tried out the Beer and barley bread from hamelmans book. This is a solid recipe and i opted to use guinness as the beer because it definitly my favourite to drink on its own and figured it wuld give the bread great flavour. I would definitly recommend this recipe to anyone looking for a semi whole wheat bread with lots of flavour! Questions, thoughts, comments are always welcome.









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I expected it to have a slightly darke color from the beer.  But I may have to try that.  I love Guiness as well and have tons of barley.

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lovely loaves

you got a nice shape and a beautiful grine on those breads. If you have a chance I would love to see a picture of the crumb.


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Isn't that the recipe that calls for malted barley?  If so, where did you get that, or did you just use normal, fresh barley?  I have whole barley and have been meaning to try to make some malted barley for this recipe, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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It calls for malted barley but i just tosted up some dried barley then ground it down via coffee grinder. I ground it until i had about 1/2 pieces of barley. i suppose the barley could also be soaked like a seed or cooked then added to the dough.

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Everyone is so casual.. beautiful loaves, may have to try, barley, fresh or malted..