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Black bean soup and whole wheat rolls

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Black bean soup and whole wheat rolls

It is still cold here so I made a big pot of black bean soup this evening.   I also made whole wheat rolls with organic stone ground whole wheat flour that grown and milled by flourgirl51.

The rolls were great.  I was really surprised... the flour felt much courser than the whole wheat flour I usually buy and the dough seemed pretty rough, not silky.  But the rolls rose beautifully and had a wonderful wheaty flavor.  No complaints from my kids, which is usually my test of whether I've gotten too organic for my own good.  So thank you, flourgirl51, so much for the flour.  I will be looking forward to baking with the rest and trying your rye flour as well.


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HI Floyd

I am glad that you liked the flour. The flour is 100% whole grain stone ground made from our organic wheat. It does make really great bread also. My loaves get about five inches high and the bread is SO tender and soft with a great flavor. I have people that don't normally like whole wheat bread say that they really like the taste of my bread. It may be because we grow it and grind it ourselves and it is so fresh. For anyone else that may want to check out our flours and grains here is the link