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caraway rye bread from Beranbaum's Bread Bible

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caraway rye bread from Beranbaum's Bread Bible

caraway rye bread

The last time I made caraway rye bread, I used the recipe in The Joy of Cooking. We really like it. But as I was leafing through The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum, I noticed her recipe for rye bread. A recipe that looked too good.

Whenever my father had an excuse to return to the Bronx, he'd never come back without a freshly baked loaf from his favourite bakery. I liked the rye bread, studded with constellations of caraway seeds, best. My grandmother, who lived with us, would serve it to me spread thickly with unsalted btutter, the top paved with rounds of sliced red radishes. - Rose Levy Beranbaum, The Bread Bible, page 324

How could I not try this bread?

As it turns out, this is the best rye bread we've had. Thank you, Rose Levy Beranbaum!!

caraway rye bread

I would love to have tried the bread with butter and sliced radishes. But we didn't have any radishes.... Initially, I had thought we would be making Reuben sandwiches with it. But my husband was so thrilled with how light it was that we decided to serve it with goulash and steamed broccoli. It was brilliant!



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Ah Elizabeth that is gorgeous bread. I love rye and so does my husband. I need to make some soon. Have been working on the Challah , circular braid, and posted pics last week of the 6 loaves I made. I have it down now !  Working on baguettes too. Lots to bake. I love seeing your posts. Caroline

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ivy b

This is the rye bread I made last week!  It was posted in one of the other bread books (giving full credut where it was due) and we loved it! Enjoy!

Ivy, ny

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I'll have to try this next weekend.  It's been a long time, too long really, since I've made a rye bread.  And I've never been fully satisfied with the ones that I have made.


-Brian (snowy Ann Arbor)

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Have I ever mentioned that I make 3 loaves of this bread a week? every week?

   I have taken some liberties with the recipe, I increased it by 1/2, I use maple syrup vs. sugar and malt syrup combined.  But the biggest improvement I borrowed from PR Whole Grains technique, and I soak my rye flour the night before in equal "volume" of water and use the soaked rye directly in the recipe.  I do not adjust the hydration of the original recipe, I dunno, it just works for me.  I bake 2 loaves in pans and I proof the other in a round banneton and bake it directly on the stone.


In case you are wondering, I boil/make maple syrup every year, so I have an abundance.

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Can you please post your exact recipie using soaked rye.



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Caroline, you're going to love this bread! (And congratulations on posting your photos. Your circular braid challah looks fabulous!)

It is good bread, isn't it, Ivy?

I think the blend of rye and strong wheat flours are the key, Brian. Rye flour is so low in gluten and can create some pretty flat loaves when mixed with all-purpose. It will be really interesting to hear what you think and if it passes your taste tests.

Lucky you, Mike, to have a surfeit of maple syrup!  I suspect that I'm always going to be mixing the first step of RLB's rye bread and leaving it on the counter (or in the fridge in summer) overnight. It has to help with the final flavour of the bread!

Next time I make this bread (which will be soon), I'm going to double the recipe and make two larger loaves so our Reuben sandwiches will be a decent size.


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ivy b

... and Mike, I am envious! You tap your trees? My grandfather would do that, but I don't know how, would love to do this too!  Enjoy your syrup and the rye breads!



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Thanks for sharing. I have this bookmarked to try. Looks awesome for sandwiches!


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That is the very rye bread I want to make.  It is beautiful!  I can just taste it with some gouda cheese melted on top and a hearty bowl of borscht.  Yum!