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How much dough

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How much dough

would you use for a personal size pizza?  or stromboli?  I have a pound of dough, but don't want to make a large pizza.  I could guess but then I'd be wasting time.  Easier to ask.




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I say about 8 oz. dough ball for 10-12" personal pizza.

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Of course it all depends on what you mean by a personal pizza.  But I use about 100 grams of dough -- 4 oz. for a personal pizza and about 375 grams -- 13 oz. for our regular size pizza -- about 12 to 13 inches.

So I would either divide you pound of dough into 4 parts for a small personal pizza or 3 parts for a larger one.


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I use 8 ounces for a personal pizza and my husband always asks me to cut his into 4 slices because he doesn't think he can eat 8 :-) .