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5 Day Old Dough

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5 Day Old Dough

I made a pizza dough on Sunday and put in the refrigerator with the intention of using it during the week. It never got used and I am thinking of baking it off as boules tonight (Friday).

Anyone have any idea how it might turn out?




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I think you will get less oven spring than you would if it were a little fresher, but 5 days still isn't bad at all. It's not like it's turned to soup or anything...

You can use part of the dough as a preferment and dilute it in a bit of water and add some new flour.  This will freshen up the gluten and give you a better product with still a lot of the prefermented flavour.  I've been known to use a bit of dead dough to make same-day pizza dough.  I like 30 to 50 per cent whole wheat in my pizza dough anyway, so I just mix it up in warm water and add the equivalent amount of whole wheat flour and let it rise for an hour.  I may add some yeast if I got home late and need it in a real hurry.

You can also use it straight to make things that don't require a lot of strength, like cinnamon rolls.  I actually prefer cinnamon rolls made with a lean dough to ones made with a sweet dough.