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How does the Nutrimill hold up?

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How does the Nutrimill hold up?

 I've never had an impact type mill. All my mills have been burr grinding types. Was thinking about trying a Nutrimill, how do they hold up? What goes out on them?   Thanks

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I've owned one for about three years. I love it. No problems; works great; easy to clean up. Made by Bosch--a quality grinder. I'm a happy grinder.


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I've had mine for 4 years and I did have to send it back for a repair of something with the switch.  They were very nice.  It has a life time warranty and now that I have dealt with them I feel confident they will provide any service I might need in the future.  It works great and I use it a lot.  Terry R

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Troy Larsen

We have had ours for one year, running it about every-other-day.  We have six children, so these aren't small batches.

The only issues I have are:

1.  I wish the cover fit better, but I don't use it anyway.

2.  I am starting to get grey dust on the bottom side of the "head" (top of the area where the flour bowl is).  I am concerned is it aluminum from the teeth.

Have not needed service yet, so no comment on that.