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Bread Display!

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Bread Display!

So this is my first post here. I've got a few pictures here of the bread display I am putting on for the open house at the college. Theres Baguettes, Ciabatta, Miche, Light Sourdough Rye, and Challah. I also had a semolina loaf but someone decided to drop the dough on the floor. Enjoy!











Floydm's picture

Beautiful spread.

ivy b's picture
ivy b

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :-D


ehanner's picture

Very nice display. You certainly have a handle on the craft. I look forward to seeing your work here.


Moriah's picture

Oooooh, very nice!

pattycakes's picture

Great looking bread, and the slashing is so beautiful on your baguettes!

Are you teaching a class?

rhag's picture

Thanks everyone for your comments! Im actually a student taking a basic professional baking course and I come in early  every day at 4am to work on my bread skills. I'm also getting ready for a regional baking competition and just I love working with bread!

Moriah's picture

"... and I come in early  every day at 4am to work on my bread skills."

Looks like you've got what it takes -- your bread is a testament to that!