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More than 3 yeasts?

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More than 3 yeasts?


I am relatively new to bread making, but have a few excellent loaves under my belt.  Many thanks to all the site contributors.  Anyway, regarding yeast.  I also have done some home brewing of beer in the past and wonder

has anyone ever used yeast meant to ferment beer to make bread

It would seem like the yeast used to impart diferent character to beer would also lend to different character in bread.  Please let me know if anyone has tried this, or I will let you know the results of my experimentation



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I have nothing to add, except that this is a good question, and something that I've often wondered about myself.  I've brewed before, and cultured brewing yeast from the bottoms of carboys.  But I've never tried it for baking.  I'd love to hear whether anybody else has experience doing this.

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Rick, if you type "beer yeast" in the search bar, you'll find plenty of hits.