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Pure Egyptian flat bread "100% wild yeast " !!!

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chahira daoud

Pure Egyptian flat bread "100% wild yeast " !!!

Hello everybody and missing you all !

Phyl Divine named me on his group on Facebook "artisan bread bakers".He named me "Pharaoh of flat Bread ".

I really was very happy but wondering all the time , why ?? May be phyl knows that Egyptians can not eat without the presence of the flat bread on their meals tables .

So I decided to present something about our daily bread in Egypt , may be to try to prove to myself that I really deserve this great title !!!!

O.k I bought this pan shown in the picture, it is better than my oven cause flat breads really need a very high temp. and it is usually baked in special ovens " with three flames".

The pictures will show you this incredible invention for flat breads , let's go ....

First the bread before being baked,,,ah forgot to tell you that I used 100% wild yeast.

Also about the dough , i made two doughs one contained 50% bread flour +50% whole wheat flour, and that is the traditional ingredients for our egyptian bread.

The other dough "which i invented" contained bread flour +whole wheat flour+grounded oats"i grinded it at home"+barley flour and of course wild yeast and tepid water .

let's go ....


"as seen on T.V" HAHAHAHA!


The harvest !!



sandwiches for me and my husband, i filled it with pastrami and romi cheese.

I wish i had at this time some of our wonderfull home made falafel or foul"beans".

Falafel , I am missing it!!

And here I am....Do I really deserve to be the "pharoah of flat bread"?????


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Chahira, I think you definitely earned the title with those!  I really like the pan, too.  I have never seen anything like it.


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chahira daoud

Thank you sooo much Phyl for your nice words , it is an old pan that our  grandmothers were used to bake in it. I tried to find it ,I asked about it a lot and few of people who really knew it.

finally i found it in a public market , it was in a small shop full of pans from the late history , I really was amazed . it costs me 50 dollars.

Thank you Phyl and wish you all the best.

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Most well deserved for the loveliest baked treats and breads! I've never seen falafel that color. Is it flavored ?


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chahira daoud

Thank you Betty !!

If I could meet all of you or if we are neighbours we would really share our dishes and breads.

Egyptian falafel or "taamia"as the majority called it here is a little bit different than the lebanese version , we made it with beans and fresh herbs "five kinds"

and this color is just because we really made with love and generosity, it is my home made , and in shops and markets its color is not the same of mine and also my mother's and ours taste better.

Thank you Betty wish you a very nice day.

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Except now you've made me crave some tasty falafel!!! I haven't had a good falafel in ages.

You look like you not only made great bread but had fun doing it too. 

I'm going to agree, you definitely deserve the title! Those pitas look wonderful. A little kibbe and you're set... Shoot. Now I'm craving kibbe. 

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Dear Rainbowz, we make both  falafel and kibbe dough, then freeze it to use it at anytime we want , most of the egyptians love falafel or "taamia" on breakfast with is the most famous dish in egypt"foul & taamia".

I really love making breads i love and adore the idea of producing or creating something, i love flour it is for me "the magic powder".


Next time I'll make some kibbe and falafel and send you some frozen bags,, but it will be your turn to fry......

Thank you ranbowz, wish you all the best.

Yumarama's picture

I like my kibbe nayye. Big plate with lots of onion. Mmmmm... And tabouleh of course.

Strangely, people tend to think that's really questionable and don't usually even want to try it. Fine, more for me!!

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Chahira, you are a marvel, I wish I could come to your house for dinner, your table is set beautifully with some of my favorite food! -- mountaindog

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Oh Oh Oh!!!

Marvel !!! I am shy now .....thank you dear you are really so nice.

And you are welcome anytime but I will cook for you a very big and decent turkey !

you are coming all this distance to have dinner in my home..!!!

But if you are a vegetarian i will  change the plan.


Thank you dear and you are really welcome.

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I wish I could come to your house and have dinner with you too. Everything looks marvelous. --Pamela

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Thank you Pamela, you are welcome anytime dear !

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Fabulous, Chahira! Your title is definitely well deserved. I'm particularly impressed a your bread is almost spherical! (Can it really be called flatbread when it's that shape ;-))

Does the bread made with barley and ground oats taste quite different from the bread made with just wheat flour?


P.S. Mmm, your fuhl looks fantastic too! Do I see mint leaves garnishing it?

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Thank you so much Elizabeth !

Actually it was spherical and I had to press each sphere to make it flat to be able to store it in the freezer.

There was not big difference in taste between the two kinds of bread.

I want also to try corn meal flour with bread flour and i will let you know what happened.

For the fuhl we do not garnish it with mint we love it with "rokka"

I am not sure if this is the right name in english.

Thanks Elizabeth!

ejm's picture

I had to look up rokka and am not surprised to learn that it is the same as roquette, aka rocket, arugula, rucola, etc. etc. - description and other names for roquette here:

I love roquette as well. What a good idea to use it as a garnish for fuhl! (We've garnished with parsley or mint. Next time, will try roquette.)

I've made flatbread with half cornmeal and half wheat flour (even mix of white and wholewheat). It does taste somewhat different from the wheat flatbreads - it's equally delicious though! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it, Chahira.


Mini Oven's picture
Mini Oven

I've got all kinds of beans!  And wondering just where to start. 

Wow the rise you get!  Was everything baked in your new gadget? 


chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Hello Mini,

Thanks Mini...are you really interested to know more about my way to prepare beans at home...if your answer is yes I will put to you the whole recipe with some pics too.I can show you also the best kind of bean that you really can start with..

And yes i baked all these loaves in this gadget , it was really very quick, and the rise was amazing. I found the whole process much easier and better results than baking this kind of bread in my normal oven.

Mini Oven's picture
Mini Oven

And now you justify your new piece of equipment! 

Yes, I would love to know how you deal with beans.  I've got little white ones, brown, black and chick peas.  Plenty of them and they're all dried!


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These are one of my favorite sandwich breads!  You have created a lovely bread!  I love the pictures they look so tastey!

Congradulations! Pharaoh of Flatbread!!


chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Thank you Sylvia , you are so nice , I love also these kinds of sandwishes and i also like to eat it with white cheese"like feta" and tomatoes slices.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day !


rainwater's picture

Hello Charira......everything from your hands and kitchen is beautiful.  I will have to try to make some flat bread, especially with 50% whole wheat flour.....I bake almost everything with "wild yeast"!  I love to cook, and most of your dishes don't befuddle me.......but your falafel! ! !  I never seen anything like it not polite to ask for your falafel recipe?  I not only noticed the nice green color, but also, your falafel looks to have a softer, lighter texture than most falafel.  If you don't print recipe, then I will copy the photo and eat the printed photo!  ha!

Thanks for the photos....I'm very hungry now.

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Hahaha , so sweet, you know I did not read this, you are so nice and sweet, thanks dear, here you are the recipe

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Yummy, your baking looks so beautiful.  I would just love to spend a day in your kitchen watching you create! 

I'm with Mini, I would love to read some of your bean recipes.  I eat a lot of beans but new ideas would be great.

Do you ever grind beans and add them to your bread?  Terry R

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chahira daoud

O.k I do agree, come and stay for a week not for just one day, we will both enjoy !

I did not try to add grinded beans to bread, but let's try it once .

I put my beans and falafel recipe, hope you enjoy it !

Thanks a lot Terry for your nice words.

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud


I am back with Falafel & ful "beans recipe"

Here you are the link on TFL

I did not want you to miss this topic, I know that you were interested to have these recipes, wish you enjoy it !

And sorry for being late, Thanks dears !!