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Homemade Dough Clean up Tool

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Homemade Dough Clean up Tool

I usually use bags that onions, etc., come in to remove dough from bowls and utensils, but it seems like I never have enough of these bags when I'm baking a lot. Yesterday I bought one of these nylon bath scrubbers at the local market for 89 cents and cut it open at the knot. It yielded a whole big tube of netting perfect for scrubbing off gummy dough and starter.




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great tip!  Thanks, Terry R

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I presume you snip, scrub, chuck?



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Yeap! I use it for one day and chuck it. I figure I can get at least 15 from one of these scrubbers. --Pamela

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isobel gildon

Thank you so much. I have been threatened with divorce if my husband finds any more dough-clogged washing up sponges. I think you have found the answer