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French Cherry bread with sugar top?

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Anonymous (not verified)

French Cherry bread with sugar top?

 A girlfriend of my lovely wife just returned from France and asked me to re-create a bread she fell in love with there.
Her description: (I never saw the bread.)
1) Baked on Sugar topping.
2) Loaf small, tall, not wide.
3) Soft crumb with Cherries inside.

Any ideas? Thanks ;-)

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I just went through the entire book, and I've come up empty.  Hope you hear some good ideas.  I'd like to try that one at home!



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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Very much appreciated...Still looking myself. ;-)

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If I were to guess.....and it was enjoyed in France......and it was presented as a sweeter bread......not large.......sounds like a brioche dough, or at least a dough with butter, a little egg, and some sugar. Next, ask your friend if she thinks the cherries were canned, fresh, or dried. ....and the sugar on top....would it have been a fondant(powdered sugar and water) that was poured over after baking, or a sugar and butter crust baked with the bread?

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...She speaks French and said the bread was pronounced "Segenea".
It did have a baked-on sugary top, the Cherries were like traditional Panettone.

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I JUST ate a bread similar to this last night at the Tavern at the Bedford Village Inn in Bedford NH. This one has a nice crumb... sort of like a french loaf, it had dried cherries inside and it had sunflower seeds on the top. The crust was fairly soft... the bread was slightly sweet. It was fantastic. I cant say I noticed sugar on the top so much. If you find a recipe post it! I'd love to try it. Maybe the baker at the Inn would share??

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I've had a cherry cake in the UK. They call it Maderia Cake and it's a yellow cake with cheery pieces in it with a sugar coating on top. It's made in a loaf pan.

They also have a Cherry Cake, a dark cake, with lots of cherries in it, sweeter than Maderia Cake. Again it is made in a loaf pan.