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Brotform/Banneton in British Columbia Canada

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Brotform/Banneton in British Columbia Canada


Hi to everyone, thanks for the great site.  Does anyone know a Canadian site or shop where I can order a banneton/brotform?  I prefer a german one as I plan to use it forever. 



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I recently bought some at The Gourmet Warehouse here in Vancouver for about $20 each:

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... but not an online store!! I would have ordered a few of them and gladly avoided the extreme delivery costs/brokerage fees tacked on to US suppliers' shipments. 

If only there were a Canadian supplier that allowed online orders... They'd have a decent little market all sewn up!


(/me ponders how to set that up without requiring a few thousand dollars of warehoused stock)


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Just give them a call.  I suspect they'll ship them without much hassle.

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I did call them and they will prepare a package for shipping but you are responsible for arranging a courier for pickup.  They will not pay for shipping if you want to return it.  I think it's still worth it to avoid customs delays and charges.