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Today's baking !! anyone wants to visit me???

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Today's baking !! anyone wants to visit me???









It really was a very successful day to me.... Everything was know ,,baking adventures really make my day.

I really need to sleep deeply !!

To all my fellows on TFL,wish you all a very nice day .


Alex- Egypt.




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Hi, Chahira.

You are such an artist! I am in awe.


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chahira daoud

Thank you so much for your nice words and encouragement , you really made me happy.

Thank you David!

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Gorgeous display of baking!  I love the puff pastries/croissants! 


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chahira daoud

Thank you Sylvia , I adore puff pastries and croissants, it was a real challenge to me to really master this dough technique, and thanks god , I Think did it !

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"anyone wants to visit me???"


me me! :-D


Those all look fabulous!!

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chahira daoud

O.K waiting for you.

Thank you so much D.stroy !

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It's a good thing I don't live with you , because I would be as big as a house from eating all your lovely baked goods!! What do you do with all of it? Your children can't possibly eat all of that..or can they??    ;   )


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chahira daoud

We do not eat a lot and we do not have weight problems , we just like good food and we are sooo far from junk food and ready made food, I keep my baking goods some to eat and the rest in the freezer , opening the freezer in the morning heat a slice of pannettone with a cup if milk,, is an awesome brekfast for all of us.

Thank you paddy and you are welcome anytime, I promiss you you will not be fat.

audra36274's picture

Your breads are SO BEAUTIFUL. I haven't even mastered your pumpkin bread from the fall. I wonder if our pumpkins are different from yours. I keep trying though. I still keep up with your post. You are a real master in the art of baking. All of your things are beautiful. I see you got the spiral roll dough to work for you that you were asking about a few weeks ago. I have been too busy to bake much these last few weeks, but I have still checked in every day to see what every one else has in the oven. My daughter Emily says hello to you and your lovely children.


P.S. Emily wants to know what the Yum Yum's are in the muffin cups with the cherries on top, and will you just adopt her!

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chahira daoud

Oh , Oh , where are you???

and what is the priblem with the pumpkin bread, some of our fellows on TFL made it and it turned very good with them try to use canned pumpkin puree , can you tell me where the problem exactly.

For Emily ... hello dear,,, you are welcome anytime, these yum yum's are a sweet dough baked in the muffins cups but i added an pineapple slice between the two balls of dough the bigger one of course is down and i added a cherry on the top .

I glazed it with apricot jam after baking it , that is all.

Thank you Audra , Thank you Emily , I really missed you.

Thanks Audra for your nice words.


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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Shout Yalla and I'll be right over!  :-)

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chahira daoud

Mark...... are you ready????


Hahahaha , you are welcome anytime, have a nice day dear,, wish you all the best.

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...You're such a treat. :-)
Do you have any Abraham or Michaels's in your family? I know we have to be related.

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chahira daoud


May be Mark ......who knows???

Enta zay elassal  !!!!

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Wisecarver (not verified)

...Sweet :-)

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Throughout all your posts, it is easy to see you're baking is amazing. I wish I could taste all of these.

I love pistachios and I want to be adopted too.

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

You are welcome dear....and I will buy you a lot of pistachios!!


Thank you dear for you very nice words.

wish you a very nice day !!

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Your baking is really impressive.  I have got to visit Egypt!


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chahira daoud

Thank you Dave for your nice words ,, and you are welcome dear !