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Rye Grits

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Rye Grits

I was just at my local Harvest Health Foods store and purchased a 2# package of what is labeled Rye Grits. Now I'm wondering if this would be considered Rye chops or Cracked rye, and can it be used in place of Rye chops in a recipe?

It appears to be comprised of cracked whole kernels and a lot of bits and pieces. Frankly, finding the exact titled product "Rye chops" is turning out to be a hard item to find unless I'm willing to do mail order with high shipping costs. Thank you for the consideration to my question.

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Looks like another term for cracked rye, at least from what I've gathered in my Google searches.  I've had a hard time finding local sources for cracked rye or rye chops myself.  Maybe I need to expand my search to include the term "rye grits"...