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Best supermarket flour

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Best supermarket flour

I recently discovered that Cook's Illustrated had done a tasting test on supermarket AP flours to discover the one for the home cook. However, it's only available to subscribers and people who sign up for a 14 day trial. But I frequently forget to cancel those trials before they stop being free so truthfully, I don't want to risk screwing up my credit score. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here knew how they ranked the flours, or if there's anyone who subscribes to CI and can look it up. I know they rated Hodgson's Mill flour very high, but it's not available where I live, so what are the other well-rated flours?

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But people seem to regard King Arthur Very highly. I'd be maybe a tad hesitant though, because my understanding is that it has almost as much protein as many "bread" flours, so it might not be ideal for some purposes. I just have been using Hy Vee's house brand AP flour, and can't complain. I've used it for brioche, pancakes, and popovers in the last week, and all turned out great

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these are results are from 1999. This was the only comparison trial I could find on the site.

Highly recommended :
KA unbleached AP
Pillsbury unbleached AP

Recommended :
Gold Medal bleached AP
Gold Medal unbleached AP
Hecker's unbleached AP
Hodgeson Mills unbleached AP
Martha White bleached AP
Pillsbury bleached AP
White Lily bleached AP





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So bleached Gold Medal was higher up than Hodgson Mills? Oh well. Pillsbury it is then since KA is so darn expensive.

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this is listing them in a group of equal flours not one better than the other.  Just thought I'd point that out. 


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When I looked at that list, I assumed they were ordered by preference.


Thank you for pointing that out!



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Interestengly enough, most brands on this list belong to General Mills.  Seiously though, I would not worry to much about brands, generic store flour is still most likely milled somewhere in Kansas by a huge mill that makes flour for one of the big brands. 

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Stephanie Brim

I use King Arthur and Hodgson's Mill.  Both have given me great results.  My bread and AP flours are both King Arthur, and my whole wheat and rye flours are Hodgson's.

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This is a great bread flour. Actually, I have used their all purpose flour with good results.

On the other hand, I have had horrible results with Roundy's brand AP flour so I avoid all store brands now.

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Wegman's is making a push in our area, and they put their unbleached, unbromated AP on sale.  It worked fine for me.


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Roundy's (big store in the midwest USA) AP flour is not good for making bread. That is the only flour I ever had a problem with. I think it just does not have as much gluten as it needs to have. It's better for cakes and cookies.