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Multigrain boule

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Janet Campbell

Multigrain boule

Here's my first boule and a it's a multigrain. My husband loves multigrain breads and I wanted to try my first round loaf so it was a match made in heaven. I used the recipe from lesson two and added about a 1/2 cup of multigrain seeds. Thanks to a hint someone passed along, I soaked the seeds for a bit before mixing and I think it helped with the hydration. It's quite dense, which isn't my fav but the man likes it so...

I took some of the dough and made some rolls... you'll notice we kind of ate into one of them before remembering to take a picture! Tried to make them following Mark's video and ended up laughing so hard... I think it's because we have a laminate counter the dough just kind of slid all over the place and I couldn't get tension. Completely the opposite of Mark's leisurely, relaxed technique but it was fun.

While the boule was baking I decided to try making pretzels from the Favourite Recipes list to the left. Never made pretzels before and now can understand why. Fun to make, baked up nice but I remembered I prefer bagels to pretzels but only thought of that after they were made. Glad they turned out okay and they taste good but glad I took a pic as I probably won't make them again. I will be making bagels so will start looking for an interesting recipe.



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You are a baking wonder ! c